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5 Heating Alternatives For Your Home

Most of us rely on the sole hands of a furnace for our comfort and the solace of our homes amid the cool and wet Canadian winters. However, when the temperature gets extremely low, it’s never a bad idea to have several heating alternatives to combat the freezing cold. Having a back up or two also helps ease the stress and utility drain on each of them.

Whether your furnace is up for some serious repair and you need some heating options or you are simply looking for balanced heating alternatives, the following are secondary heating options that are also great for your home.

Electric Heat

A better way of using electricity to get heat is by having a personal plug-in warmer. Although installing a baseboard heat which typically costs $150-$200 can be an option, having a small warmer that you can put close to your work area can keep you warm without using a significant amount of electricity as the warmer only aims to warm an individual rather than the whole place. Electric heaters can provide the heat you need when the chilly weather becomes a little uncomfortable or when your furnace fails you.

Wood Stove

If you are looking for low-cost alternative to heating your home, a wood stove can be the answer to your problem. Because winters can be so brutal that it causes electricity to completely go out, wood stoves also become a life saver. This heating alternative provides the warmth that you need in your home and it only requires the use of wood.

Radiant Floor Heat

Another heating alternative is the radiant floor heat. The tubes and electrical wires running through the subfloor generate heat and push the warmth upwards. What makes this better than other heating options is that is said to be 30% more efficient than the rest. Finally, radiant floor heat does not make any noise as compared to the firing up or the clanking of a furnace motor when it is turned on.

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating may sound like rocket science but it has always been in existence since the Paleolithic era. It has been said that deep down the Earth’s surface, the ground temperature remains constant all year round. This kind of heating technology uses a pump to capture the heat from the ground below and transfer it to the house. With the Earth absorbing 47% of the sun’s energy, this becomes a free source of heat.

Indoor Kerosene Heater

This final alternative isn’t the most secure heating option although this can be a helpful reinforcement when all the other options do not work for you. A standard heater can provide warmth for spaces up to 1,000 square feet without utilizing any electricity. Indoor kerosene heaters are perfect for a garage, a cold cellar, or other heating crisis in the home.

It is vital to extend your heating portfolio when your furnace requires a repair. By having some of these heating alternatives, you are sure to keep you and your entire home warm and comfortable.